Edible Flowers to grow in the house

Edible flowers can offer a simple and enjoyable way to include color and taste to a range of wonderful meals. Any of the edible flowers will look and taste much better if consumed raw and made use of as soon as the flowers begin to open.

Here are several of the edible flowers that can be grown in the house:

Allium - Garlic, leeks and chives are best in pasta salads, potato, green salads, and dips. Clip off the main stem to separate the cluster of flowering florets. Find more info on wooden sheds at www.ilikesheds.com .

Nasturtiums - This edible flower has peppery flavored blossoms that taste similar to watercress. The plant has a variety of tastes and colors. All taste terrific as a garnish or in a salad. Likewise, the leaves are edible.

Marigolds - Clip the flowers from the signet species of this plant, such as the tangerine gem and lemon gem. The small flowers offer a citrus-like taste.

Johnny jump-ups and Pansies - Both of these plants offer a wintergreen taste and make a best accent piece for positioning on cakes or similar items of food.

Calendula - A quick and simple plant to grow in the house. Use the petals on a salad to help add additional flavor. A Calendula grows with flowers in a variety of colors, including red, orange and yellow. The plant will continue to bloom throughout the summertime till late in the fall.

Anise hyssop - If you favor the taste of anise, the anise hyssop is particular to offer an appealing edible flower to grow in your home. Remove the florets and sprinkle them over a mouthwatering or sweet meal. The complete flower can be utilized to help garnish a cheese meal.

Borage - The borage is an herb with a light cucumber taste and sky-blue flowers. This fuzzy-leaved herb is perfect to contribute to green salads, fruit salads, or frozen in ice to sweeten up a cold drink.

Chamomile - A chamomile plant has an apple-like taste and daisy-like flowers. However, if you are likely to experience an allergy to ragweed, it is very well to prevent this type of edible flower.

Daylily - A great addition to stir-fries, daylily flowers and buds provide a taste that is rather just like asparagus. The daylily is excellent to use as garnish on a variety of dishes.